Raising Finance

Benefits beyond funds: why your network matters

You can increase revenue, improve customer advocacy and brand loyalty by engaging your network by raising on TheStartupCrowd. To complement our unparalleled expertise, we’ve built the world’s most powerful crowdfunding platform designed to turn your friends, family, fans and customers into investors. The success of your campaign will hinge on a realistic target, sensible valuation, effective pitch and well-executed communications plan to stimulate as much interest from your network as possible. We’ll give you expert advice on how to do this, unlock TheStartupCrowd’s investor community and reach your funding target, quickly.


Total Transparency over your campaign

TheStartupCrowd will provide you with real-time campaign data when you’re live. You will have visibility of the key metrics behind your raise including the daily performance on your pitch. This insight, along with our expertise and online resources, will ensure you have everything you need to execute an effective promotional plan for your raise.

Using our  highly personalised, targeted and data-driven dashboard, the TheStartupCrowd platform will maximise the impact of your promotional activity by converting visits to your campaign to investment.


01. Submit a campaign

It is now easy than ever to start your online fundraising process. Follow our simple online process to create an engaging and exciting campaign that will attract. 

02. Verification

We will then conduct due diligence and ensure that every statement in the campaign is fair, clear and not misleading investors in any way.

03. Create a video and business plan

The campaign video is one of the most important tools to engage potential investors and supporters by showcasing the business, team and any current investors. At the same time, prepare a brief business plan for warming up investors at this stage. Our expert team will be happy to work with you should you have any questions about how best to go about this. To maximise the potential of your campaign, we encourage you to research hints, tips and templates to help you effectively plan and promote your raise. 

04. Private launch

Shareholders, customers and your network have the exclusive opportunity to invest before anyone else when the campaign launches privately. This usually will grant them a 48 hour window to invest.

05. Public launch

If the campaign demonstrates traction during the private launch, we will publish it for all to see on TheStartupCrowd. Campaigns run for up to 60 days. Once public, it’s important that you get as many potential investors to see the campaign as possible. It is important to build a promotional campaign around this fundraising campaign. 

06. Campaign hits 75%-100%

Once you have your target, your campaign can stay open to take advantage of overfunding. After closing a round, we perform legal due diligence on the company and prepare documentation.

07. Receive all funds!

Once that’s all completed we’ll transfer the amount raised in the fundraising campaign, less our fee. Then you become a member of our Funded Club.

08. Completion of your round

We’ll take care of the completion of your round including anti-money laundering and know-your-customer checks on your investors, capturing payments and issuing share certificates.