Raising Finance on TheStartupCrowd

Benefits beyond funds: why your network matters

You can increase revenue, improve customer advocacy and brand loyalty by engaging your network by raising on TheStartupCrowd.

Increase Revenue
Grow your startup's value
Improve Loyalty
Create Advocacy
Build Customer Base
Grow your Network

Maximise your chances of funding success

Your success will hinge on a realistic target, sensible valuation, effective pitch and well-executed communications plan to stimulate as much interest from your network as possible. We’ll give you expert advice on how to do this, unlock TheStartupCrowd’s investor community and reach your funding target, quickly.

Data-driven campaign success

We’ll provide you with real-time campaign data when you’re live on TheStartupCrowd. You’ll have visibility of the key metrics behind your raise including the daily performance on your pitch, how it compares to other raises and what channels are having the biggest impact on your raise.

This insight, along with our expertise and online resources, will ensure you have everything you need to execute an effective promotional plan for your raise.

Our Process

Quickly, efficiently and effectively raise finance for your business at your pace with resources, guidance and support every step of the way.

1. Pitch Creation

Our process ensures that creating your pitch page on TheStartupCrowd is simple, fast and effective.

2. Verification

As a regulated platform, we’ll verify your pitch text to ensure it is fair, clear and not misleading.

3. Planning your pitch promotion

maximise your chances of funding success, we provide a host of
resources, hints, tips and templates to help you effectively plan and
promote your raise.

4. Private launch

Launch privately to give your network exclusive access to your pitch.

5. Public launch

publicly when your pitch reaches 20%, and it will then be live for 30
days. Extensions are available but on average, pitches that fund reach
their target in just 22 days.

6. 75% funded

At this stage, you’ll be introduced to our in-house legal team who will start the necessary legal checks to complete your round quickly and efficiently.

7. Fully funded

Congratulations, your raise is fully funded!
Welcome to TheStartupFund’s Funded Club.

8. Completion of your round

We’ll take care of the completion of your round including anti-money laundering checks on your investors, capturing payments and issuing share certificates.