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Getting Started

It has never been more simple to explore, invest and share in the success of businesses.

TheStartupCrowd enables both everyday investors and institutional investors to support early stage and growth stages businesses in a accessible, understandable and simple fashion. Start building your investment portfolio on TheStartupCrowd and own a share in the businesses you believe in, and would like to support.

Discover Opportunities

It’s simple and free for anyone to sign up to TheStartupCrowd. Once you have completed your investor profile, you be able to view all campaigns, ask entrepreneurs questions, request further information/documentation and invest.

Discover Opportunities

In order to invest, choose the amount you would like to commit and securely pay for your investment by debit card or bank transfer. It is important to create a diversified portfolio of investments to spread your exposure to risk.

Share the Success

Once complete, we will send you on your relevant information about your investment. We will ensure that you regular updates and can engage with each business through TheStartupCrowd. If the business does well, we will return your investment into your account.

Why use TheStartupCrowd?

Investing in early-stage businesses involves risk, but our team goes to great lengths to ensure that each investor gets the best investor protections and can share in the success of businesses that you want to support.

Great Deal Pipeline

Everyday new ideas, entrepreneurs and growth-stage companies come to TheStartupCrowd looking to raise capital.

Campaign Vetting

We ensure that all campaigns are thoroughly vetted by our expert team to ensure statements are fair, understandable and do not mislead investors in any way. 

Invest alongside institutions

Investors of all sizes use TheStartupCrowd to invest in opportunities including angel investors, venture capitalists as well as friends, family and everyday investors.

Real Investment

Anyone can choose to invest from as little as €500, and they exchange this capital for full voting shares. 

Investor protection

Everyone who chooses to make an investment will receive a variety of protections and rights with our professional standard shareholder agreements.

Full Solution

Our team handles all of the legal documents, the tax relief paperwork, administration and payment processing.

Simple Administration

TheStartupCrowd uses a nominee structure to ensure that it is simple for us to monitor and enforce your rights as an investor.

Ongoing Investor Relations

We will ensure that it is simple to track your investments and portfolio. We will provide you with an investor dashboard to track these, and stay in touch with the businesses.

Our Fee Structure

We pride ourselves on total transparency with our investors and businesses. Fees should be fair and easy to understand. You will only pay TheStartupCrowd a single, straightforward fee if—and only if—you receive profit from your investments. That’s it.

We’ve aligned our success with yours. We’ll only charge you 4% of any profit you make from an investment.



on any profit you make on your investment

– Free to Invest

– No fees unless you make profit

– No administration or legal fees

– No hidden costs or charges

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